Monday, June 24, 2002


Toon Zone has an interview with Static Shock Writer Len Uhley which includes the following Season III tidbits:

"Alan Burnett continues as Supervising Producer, while Denys Cowan has moved from being one of the directors to one of the producers. The other producer is Swinton Scott. The story editor working with Alan is John Semper, who has been associated with a number of excellent shows, including the previous incarnation of Spider-Man.

To date, I have written two episodes: "The Usual Suspect," which is a bit of a who-done-it, and "Shebang," which introduces a great new character and potential ally for Virgil and Richie. I'm about to begin work on a third story, but I can't talk about it right yet. The new season has lots of big surprises in store, so I hope all of your readers will watch."