Tuesday, October 29, 2002


Our friends at the Comics Continuum have the scoop:


Kids' WB! has released an outline for the upcoming third season of Static Shock, which will include a new costume for Static and Richie Foley becoming a hero known as Gear.

Here's how the network describes the season:

"In the third season, Virgil continues to patrol the streets and the skies of Dakota for any signs of danger - with a newly designed costume … and a new partner. His best friend Richard has noticed some changes taking place … his brain goes into overdrive as he begins to develop his own meta-human powers. Assuming the guise of Gear - a techno-whiz super-hero - Richie is loaded with high-tech crime-stopping tools.

"This new justice-enforcing duo will need all of their meta-skills as they tackle some of their most challenge opponents yet. Static and Gear will face adversaries near and far, including a trip to South Africa, where Static encounters an ancient African hero, as well as confrontations closer to home with new and old meta-humans, infamous villains and classic super-heroes.

"Unfortunately, begin the city's most famous hero does have its drawbacks. Virgil must deal with a pesky older sister and keep his father from discovering his super-secret - all while trying to master and refine his electromagnetic energies and powers."

The creative crew for the third season includes Sander Schwartz as executive producer, Alan Burnett as supervising producer, Denys Cowan and Swinton Scott as producers, Bobbie Page as associate producer, John Semper as story editor, Linda Steiner and Michael Diaz as creative executives and Cown, Dave Chylstek and Joe Sichta as animation directors.

Voice cast includes Phil LaMarr as Virgil/Static, Jason Marsden as Richie/Gear, Kevin Michael Richardson as Robert Hawkins, Michele Morgan as Sharon Hawkins, Crystal Scales as Daisy Watkins, Danica McKellar as Frieda Goren and Danny Cooksey as Hotstreak.

The third season of Static Shock is expected to begin in February. "

Dwayne's note, Static's actually visiting Ghana, in *West* Africa. I wrote the episode and it's my favorite of my work on the series so far. Keep your eyes peeled for the list of guest stars this season. It's unbelievable...