Thursday, December 05, 2002


From the Comics Continuum:

"Static Shock will return to the Kids' WB! lineup in January, a network representative confirmed for The Continuum.

A date for the third-season premiere of the show will probably be announced next week.

Static Shock producer Alan Burnett told The Continuum that plans are for the third season to start with another Batman team-up. Unlike the second-season episode which took place in Dakota, in the third season Static will be visiting Gotham City.

One creative change for the third season was the arrival of story editor John Semper, who was a story editor/producer on Fox Kids' Spider-Man series. "He's done an excellent job," Burnett said.

Carl Lumbly, who does the voice of Martian Manhunter in Justice League, will be doing a voice of an African hero."

Dwayne again. Carl's character will do battle with a new villain, played by Spawn's Michael Jai White.