Tuesday, January 14, 2003


Courtesy Comics Continuum:

Alan Burnett, supervising producer of Kids' WB!'s Static Shock, told
The Continuum that the title character will be a little older for the
upcoming season.

"He's grown some," Burnett said. "He's less a 14-15 year-old and more
a 15-16 year-old and that made a difference for us this season. The
villains have gotten more imposing and there are more adult villains
than before."

The third season - which kicks off on Saturday, Jan. 25 at 10:30
a.m. -- features several changes, including a new costume for Static,
Richie becoming the super-powered sidekick Gear and a new theme song
performed by Lil' Romeo, who also guest-stars in a later episode.

The new season begins with "Hard as Nails," an episode that teams
Static with Batman again. Static met Batman and Robin in the second-
season opener, and that left an impact on the series.

"The palette of the show has gotten darker this season," Burnett
said. "especially after the success of the Static/Batman team-up last
season. That was a show that went darker than we usually went, with
more night scenes. And after that show, everybody went, 'Let's go in
that direction.' So we're getting Static out from under the sun." 

The season premiere is written by Batman producer Paul Dini. "It's
the first Static he's written," Burnett said.

In the episode, Allie Langford (a.k.a. Nails), a teenager at Virgil's
school, goes to Gotham City in search of the veteran villains Harley
Quinn and Poison Ivy to eliminate her recent problem - she is
starting to turn into metal. Teaming up again with Batman, Static
must expose Harley and Poison Ivy's nefarious plans so that Allie may
get the real guidance she needs.

"It's always fun to go back to Batman," said Burnett, who worked on
all the incarnations of the Batman series.

Burnett said that the episode will include Commissioner Gordon,
Detective Bullock, Alfred and Bruce Wayne - all voiced by the
original performers.

"Robin's not in this one, though. He's off fighting with the Teen
Titans," laughed Burnett, referring to the new Cartoon Network

Static will have even more involvement with the DC Universe in Season
3. He will also team-up with the Justice League in a two-parter, "A
League of Their Own," involving Brainiac, and the season closes
with "Toys in the Hood," a Superman team-up involving Toyman.

The second episode on Feb. 1 is called "Gear" and reveals Richie's
new identity.

"It's the whole origin story," Burnett said. "Kids will see Gear
right off the bat, though, because he's in the new main titles."