Thursday, January 23, 2003


Courtesy Toon Zone:

Berkowitz Discusses 'Justice League Adventures' and Season Two
01-23-2003 08:01 AM
by Jim Harvey

In April, Stan Berkowitz's work will be seen both on television and on the page. He will be writing April's Justice League Adventures #18, as well writing for the animated Justice League series.

"I had a great time writing the Justice League Adventures comic," said Berkowitz. "It features a mass murderer called Evano who'll be making his first, and definitely last, appearance. The comic is the rough equivalent of a half-hour JL show - if there were such a thing, so the storytelling is simpler and more concise."

The Justice League Adventures story involves an alien race that has established a beachhead on Earth in a most unexpected place and it's up to the miniscule Justice League ally, the Atom, to stop the invading force from taking down the League's most powerful member.

"As far as our next season, as I said at the convention yesterday, Cartoon Network hasn't yet decided when it will commence, but when they do, I'm sure you'll know as soon as I do, or maybe sooner," said Berkowtiz.

When the new season premieres, the creators believe the show will meet the standards of the high fan anticipation

"I'm really excited about the episodes I've seen," said Berkowitz. "Some of them are huge outer space epics, like 'Twilight' and 'Hearts and Minds,' while others are smaller origin stories, like 'Tabula Rasa' and 'Only a Dream.' We'll go deeper into most of the characters next season, heroes and villains alike; you'll learn more about John Stewart's past, Hawkgirl's unconventional belief system and Batman's damaged psyche. We'll even show you where J'onn J'onzz goes for the holidays."

Aside from big stories and character driven arcs, you can also expect to see some new faces in the crowd.

"We've got guest heroes coming, too - Aquaman and a couple of others who've been on other shows, but not the JL. And we've got new and old villains as well," said Berkowitz. "Among the former, Dr. Destiny, Eclipso, Despero, and Amazo; among the latter, Luthor, Joker, Vandal Savage and, in a very emotional story, Solomon Grundy, of all people."

"It's going to be like Christmas, with each episode a different present," joked Berkowitz. "Some will probably be clothes, but most will be toys."