Tuesday, January 21, 2003


With the third season of Static Shock premiering this weekend on Kids WB!, Animation Insider was able to talk with Paul Dini regarding his upcoming episode "Hard As Nails".

AI: It was recently revealed that you wrote "Hard As Nails", the season three premiere episode of Static Shock. How did you become involved with the episode?

PD: Producer Alan Burnett, with whom I worked on all the different versions of Batman, asked me if I wanted to do the second crossover episode. I said sure! It was great to get back to Gotham again, and a lot of fun to work with Static, too. I like the character a lot. Virgil's a trusted ally of Batman, but not a true member of his team. Therefore he can crack wise or make comments that Robin couldn't. I found that made for some funny interplay between Static, Batman and Alfred....

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