Tuesday, January 14, 2003

'Static' Director Talks About Annies Nomination
01-14-2003 10:35 AM
by Jim Harvey

Dave Chlystek, Annie Award-nominated director of the Static Shock episode "The Big Leagues," was able to discuss his nomination for Best Director with Toon Zone.

"I have to admit to being a bit stunned," said Chlystek. "I wasn't even aware that I had been submitted to the Annie committee for recognition. And it should go without saying that I would have never received this honor if not for the hard work of so many talented people on the show. Without them, I'd be an usher at the Annies."

Chlystek was a major player in the second season, being involved in the fan favorite episode "The Big Leagues," guest-starring Batman. He ushered in some memorable characters in other episodes as well.

"The second season of Static certainly had some high points for me," said Chlystek. "Permafrost was a wonderful episode, and
in many ways, the one I'm proudest of."

While the news of his nomination is a bit of shock for Chlystek, he won't be sitting on his laurels. Chlystek was able to provide a peek into his future plans.

"As for my future plans, let's just say that I hope to be doing this work for a long time," said Chlystek. "I am working on several projects, some are pitches for new shows, featuring some DC superheroes that have a 'legion' of fans. As well as my own projects and some new comic stuff, featuring a character that I co-created with Joe St. Pierre, called Megahurtz, which was with Image for three issues and then we stopped due to our time constraints with other projects. So I look forward to doing more of that."

Courtesy Toon Zone