Thursday, February 27, 2003


Courtesy Toon Zone
McDuffie Talks About Static/Justice League Episodes
02-26-2003 10:06 AM
by Jim Harvey

Dwayne McDuffie, story editor for Justice League and writer for Static Shock, was able to talk to Toon Zone about this weekend's episode of Static Shock, guest-starring the heroes of Justice League.

The episode, written by John Semper Jr. and Ernie Altbacker, is called "A League of Their Own, Part 1." The conclusion to this two-part episode will air Saturday, March 8, 2003. The episode features Static and Gear fending off Brainiac alongside the legendary Justice League. While the League will play an important part in the story, they were not a part of the original script.

"I remember Alan Burnett was in the planning stages of a Teen Titans crossover and the concern was voiced that the Static episode would air before Teen Titans premiered," said McDuffie. "Someone from the studio asked how we felt about doing Justice League instead and I guess it's obvious how we responded. I'd still like to see Static meet the Titans someday, though."

One concern that fans have is meshing two shows that have different styles. Like the previous Batman crossovers, fans were worried that the different styles of the shows would lead to problems for the character designs.

"I'm not really qualified to talk about it from the visual side, except to say that I've seen it and it works," said McDuffie. "From the writer's perspective, it was tricky. Static Shock is paradoxically both lighter in tone and more naturalistic than Justice League. We needed a story with stakes big enough to challenge the Justice League but personal enough so that Static wasn't completely overshadowed by the big guns. John and Ernie solved the problem beautifully."

McDuffie, who has already seen the episode, was able to tell us what fans could expect from this episode.

"Tons of action, great interplay between Static, Richie and the Justice League, lots of humor and frickin' Brainiac! Flash steals the show, I think," McDuffie said.

The Static Shock episode "A League of Their Own, Part 1" will air Saturday, March 1, 2003 at 10:30 am, ET on Kids' WB. The conclusion will air Saturday, March 8, 2003 at 10:30 am, ET.

Dwayne here: One correction, as far as I know, not script was done for a "Teen Titans" static Shock episode, there was just discussion. A League of Their Own was conceived and written as a Justice League episode.