Friday, February 21, 2003


Courtesy Toon Zone:

by Jim Harvey

Toon Zone was able to catch up with writer Len Uhley to discuss this weekend's all-new Static Shock episode called "The Usual Suspect."

"The interesting thing for me about 'The Usual Suspect' is that it shows our hero to be fallible," said Uhely. "Lovable, but imperfect. You know, like the rest of humanity."

The plot for the episode involves Static and Gear pursuing a guy who may or may not be a bang baby. He "fits the profile," which drives Static and Gear to relentlessly pursue him, trying to force him to reveal himself.

"Only, it turns out that our heroes have let a presumption of guilt distort their usual clear-eyed perception of the facts, said Uhley. "Almost too late, Static and Gear realize that the circumstantial evidence that they've observed has misled them -- and that the actual perpetrator has a more complicated and sinister agenda.

"In addition, there's a bunch of amusing repartée between Static and Gear, a cool bash-and-crash session at an auto show, a nice character bit for Sharon, and towards the end, a dramatic chase on foot involving Virgil that segues into the climactic battle between Static and our villain."

Based on the premise of the episode, viewers can expect to see changes for some members of the show's cast.

"Distraught over how things turn out, Static and Gear give up being superheroes and become Tibetan Yakherds," jokes Uhley. "Wait, no, that's not true."

"If one accepts the premise that you can see change or maturation in the character of a Saturday Morning cartoon series hero, I'd say that this episode helps Static grow up a little, to think first, long and hard, before passing judgment on other people because of how they look or behave, or how they've previously lived their lives."

"Hey, everybody does it -- but as Dakota's resident good guy, it is incumbent upon Static to eschew anger and impulse and not settle for the transitory relief of the quick fix. Unlike, oh, say, some of our elected officials..."

"Long-winded answers aside," Uhley concluded. "Please tune in to the Kids' WB this coming Saturday morning, 10:30 am, ET, 9:30 am, CT/PT to see 'The Usual Suspect.' Personally, I can't wait!"