Monday, March 10, 2003


I've been searching the web for reviews of my current "Don't Blink" story arc in BATMAN LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT but haven't had any luck, so far. I did turn up an old review of the first "Blink" story that I hadn't seen:

Tom Grozan, Movie Poop Shoot - Forced Perspective:

"The 3-issue "Blink" by Dwayne McDuffie and Val Semeiks was the strongest story the title has seen in a long time. The title character Blink (he's never called that in the story) is a blind man who has the power to see through another person's eyes after he touches them. A small-time grifter, he views the people's bank account and credit card numbers. That all changes when he touches a serial killer and witnesses a grisly murder that brings him to Batman's attention. The idea is clever and engaging enough to make a decent Hollywood thriller and DC wisely has a sequel fast-tracked for upcoming issues of LOTDK. McDuffie is one of those writers who's not "hot" but seems to do nothing but quality work. I'm surprised he doesn't get more opportunities."

I'm still on the lookout for reviews of "Don't Blink." If you run across one, drop me a line, okay?