Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Big Interview in Write Now #10

It's a month away, and I'll bump this topic when we're closer to the
release date but I've got a major interview coming up in Danny
Fingeroth's "Write Now" magazine. This is pretty cool, I've done a lot
of interviews, but Danny somehow managed to ask me lots of good
qquestions I've never been asked before. Here's the solicit:

Write Now! #10

80 Pages - Ships 25 May 2005.

$8 Postpaid (Canada: $10, Elsewhere: $11 Surface, $15 Airmail)

Four-issue subscriptions in the US: $20 Standard Mail, $32 First Class (Canada: $40, Elsewhere: $44 Surface, $60 Airmail).

In WRITE NOW! #10, we once again bring you behind-the-scenes "how-to" information on writing for comics, animation, and sci-fi! For fans of the red-hot Justice League Unlimited animated series, we've got a knock-your-socks-off JLU cover, spotlighting our in-depth interview with DWAYNE McDUFFIE, producer and story editor on the show, co-creator of the Milestone Comics Universe (including Static Shock), and prolific comics writer for Marvel and DC! Then, we've got the long-awaited interview with PETER BAGGE, iconoclastic writer/artist of Hate, conducted by DC editor supreme JOEY CAVALIERI! There's also an interview with the legendary GERRY CONWAY - writer of Spider-Man and a zillion other comics - about comics writing and about his current career in TV, writing and producing shows such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys! Plus, there's an interview with writer/editor PAUL BENJAMIN, who's done extensive development and editing work for companies like Platinum Studios (where he helped develop Jeremiah) and Humanoids Publishing (editor of Metal Hurlant) and who has his own exciting writing career, as well! Of course, there'll be more exciting Nuts & Bolts tips on writing from top comics pros, and much, much more! Edited by Danny Fingeroth.