Friday, April 07, 2006

New Graphic Novel Series: ORION

Orion is a new, five-part graphic novel series for younger readers, dreamed up by comics legend Marv Wolfman, creator of Crisis on Infinite Earths and New Teen Titans. Each chapter is 64 pages and Marv was kind enough to ask me to write volume 1.


"Enter a galaxy of terror as the members of Team Alpha - a crew of super powered teens from across the globe - defend Planet Earth against a colony of merciless aliens.

"This league of unlikely heroes must stop the aliens before the planet is completely destroyed. However, the members of this team refuse to cooperate and work together.

"Join Team Alpha as they struggle to save the world in this super-charged, sci-fi adventure."

I don't know when this hits the stores, or even how much it costs but I got a copy today from the publishers, so be on the lookout.