Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm Writing Fantastic Four

Joe Quesada spilled the beans today in his "Joe Fridays" Blog:

NRAMA: With JMS’s recently-announced upcoming departure from Fantastic Four, can you offer up any information at to the future of that title? Who’s the next writer? Will Mike McKone remain as artist?

JQ: The new writer for FF will be Dwayne McDuffie! How’s that for breaking news. We’ll have more info on FF in the weeks to come.

NRAMA: So how much will McDuffie have to inherit in terms of the status quo being developed through the events of Civil War?

JQ: That absolutely comes with the territory. Dwayne completely understands that taking over FF at this juncture means stepping into the middle of this little story we have called Civil War.

NRAMA: So when you discussed the job with McDuffie, did you have to them him, “Well, you can write FF, but Reed and Su are separated and on opposite sides of Civil War. Johnny is with Sue, and Ben is completely out of the picture”?

Or will all that be resolved nice and tidy-like before a new writer takes over?

JQ: No there will be threads that will definitely have to be picked up. While this is usually the case to some minor extent whenever you have a creative shift on a longstanding title, because of Civil War, we need to be extremely thorough about the plotlines that are left unresolved.