Monday, March 20, 2006

I've Written a Videogame

WBIE to Launch Justice League Heroes Game

Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

March 20, 2006

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will launch the Justice League Heroes videogame, based on the legendary DC Comics' super hero team and developed by Snowblind Studios, for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PSP in Fall 2006.

The Justice League Heroes game will feature an original story from award-winning comic book and animation writer Dwayne McDuffie ("Static Shock," "Justice League," "Teen Titans," "Damage Control," "Deathlok").

"In 'Justice League Heroes', gamers get to play Batman and Superman together along with an amazing team of super heroes wielding unprecedented powers for stand alone action on consoles and the PSP system," said Jason Hall, Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "The game utilizes Snowblind's innovative gameplay technologies and the respected story writing of Dwayne McDuffie to bring fans and gamers some of the best super hero battles in the universe."

"Working on 'Justice League Heroes' is exciting because players will get a chance to experience the superpowers of these well-known and loved super heroes together first hand," said Paul Knutzen, Game Designer, Snowblind Studios. "This is a real opportunity to bring the celebrated characters to life in dynamic gameplay, showcasing their individual powers and their incredible capabilities working as a team."

"Comics and videogames go hand in hand, so it's only natural to have a game featuring iconic characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman," noted Paul Levitz, DC Comics President and Publisher. "Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will do a great job of bringing the Justice League to life."

Self-published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by critically acclaimed Snowblind Studios, Justice League Heroes is an action adventure game with role-playing customization featuring Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna and other unlockable Justice League super heroes. Each hero possesses an array of character-specific, upgradeable superpowers resulting in unique controls and fighting styles. Engaging in one-to-two player cooperative combat, gamers will be able to customize and master these superpowers as they travel through interactive and destructible environments spanning the farthest corners of the universe.

Friday, March 17, 2006

My New Marvel Comic: Beyond!

Courtesy Newsarama:

Marvel kicked off its programming at WizardWorld: Los Angeles this afternoon with its “Mondo Marvel” panel, covering several upcoming projects as well as a couple of previously unannounced titles.

One of the new projects announced at the panel was Beyond!, a six issue miniseries written by Dwayne McDuffie, with art by Scot Kolins. The miniseries will take a diverse group of Marvel’s B-list characters (and lower), and place them in a cosmic situation, off world.

Courtesy Comics Continuum:

LOS ANGELES -- Dwayne McDuffie, most recently a producer on Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited, will be teaming with Scott Kolins on Beyond, a six-issue cosmic mini-series from Marvel Comics.

"It involves several Marvel character you wouldn't expect to see together, including Gravity, and puts them off world in a cosmic situation," Marvel editor-in-chief said Friday during the Mondo Marvel panel at Wizard World Los Angeles, where the book was announced.

"Enemies become allies and they must work together to get back home," editor Tom Brevoort said.

Me again. For the record, I love the art, adore the project and hate the exclamation point in the title.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Justice League Season 2 on DVD

According to Comics Continuum, on sale June 20:

Also, JLU season 1 is coming in the fourth quarter of 2006!