Friday, February 16, 2007

I'll Be At Wondecon

I'll be at Wondercon from March 2nd-4th, including an appearance on a panel. I'm mostly there to hang out in San Francisco but as usual, anyone who sees me and mentions the secret word "Maestro," gets a free something, actual prize to be determined by me at the time (usually it's an autographed comic, but if I don't have anything on me, I'll buy you something of my choosing, on the spot).

Saturday, March 3.

3:00-4:00 The Animation Production Process— What goes into bringing an animated script to screen? Join Adam Beechen (Johnny Test, Teen Titans), Stan Berkowitz (Legion of Super Heroes, The New Frontier), Dwayne McDuffie (Static Shock, Justice League Unlimited) and WonderCon special guest Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, W.I.T.C.H.) as they take you behind the scenes. Moderated by Shannon Muir (Invader ZIM, Extreme Ghostbusters), author of Gardner's Guide to Animation Writing and Production from GGC, Inc. Room 236