Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm Interviewed in the 1st Issue of UVC

New York Con visitors already have their copies but the rest of us should be on the look out for the premier issue of UVC, which includes an interview with yours truly, and features on BLOKHEDZ and STORMBRINGERS.

UVC is a new, free, comics industry magazine covering... I'll leave the description to Editor Rich Watson:

"The shorthand way we’ve been describing it is “Wizard meets Vibe.” That only scratches the surface, though, of what we hope to accomplish with this new magazine.

Like any comics magazine, you’ll get your feature articles, your news, your reviews, your fun stuff. While Ron and I will keep tabs on stuff from the Big Two, as you would expect, we will also do our part towards promoting quality independent work. In that sense, it won’t be too different from what I do solo with Glyphs."

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