Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Wizard World LA Appearances

On Saturday, March 14, in addition to my 2-4 PM signing session at the Earth-2 Comics booth, I'll also be making two appearances for Marvel Comics. First up, a Civil War Panel:

Civil War Fallout--The Initiative Panel
1-2, Peatree Hall [moved from its original location and time--this is the updated and correct time/room!]

It's over. Civil War has ended, leaving in its wake destruction as never before seen in Marvel history. Teams and friendships have been torn apart, and most of the Marvel Universe is forced to start anew. The time for rebuilding is here as a new era is ushered in: The Initiative. Teams are falling apart as others are forming. What will happen to your favorite characters and teams? Who will live? Who will die? What new heroes will arise from the devastation? Your burning questions will be addressed and bombs dropped as Executive Editor Tom Brevoort joins special guests Ed Brubaker, Jeph Loeb and more to deliver dispatches from the front lines. You cannot miss this!

I just agreed to do this an hour ago, so I think I'm "and more."

Also, from 4-5, I'll be signing whatever you've got at the Marvel Booth