Thursday, May 03, 2007

TEEN TITANS Script, Sketches for Auction

Me and some of the guys from Teen Titans have donated a script for auction to raise funds for a group of comic book creators who did work for a low-life publisher, who has refused to pay them. I'll let the folks at the auction explain:

This item is donated by amazingly talented writer Dwayne McDuffie to help freelance comic creators struggling due to the unethical behavior of an immoral publisher. All proceed from this auction go towards helping those creators.

Check out for more details.

This is a very unique item. It's the original script from the Teen Titans episode "Fear Itself" featuring the first appearance of the fanboy villain Control Freak. This is script is signed by Dwayne McDuffie, Murakami, Wyatt, Youngberg, and Jones...who all worked on the episode. Wyatt, Youngberg, Jones, and Murakami also include sketches of Teen Titans characters, including Control Freak.

This is the first draft script, with scenes and dialog that didn't make it into the final show. If you're into Titans, or you just want justice for some badly-wronged comic book creators, go over to the auction and help these guys raise some money.