Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wizard Likes Avengers Classic #3

From Monday Morning Quarterback:

Stan Lee, Dwayne McDuffie (W)/Jack Kirby, Michael Avon Oeming (A)
COTTON: “The reprint story in this issue—the battle between the Avengers and Namor, who has teamed with the Hulk—is obviously a classic and always fun for a read, but the true gem in this book are the backup stories—this week from Dwayne McDuffie and Michael Avon Oeming. Even if Oeming’s gorgeous art wasn’t just the right mix of old and new school for you, then the story should still deliver for fans as it covers a one-on-one between a very unconfident and unsure Hank Pym and a very confident and sure Iron Man, who believes no matter how many gods or kings or Hulks they face, man will always win out. But on the last page there are those hints that maybe Tony Stark—even at the beginning of the Avengers—wasn’t as confident as he seemed and where he drew his strength from wasn’t a pleasant place.”