Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm Interviewed at Comixfan Forums

A Milestone Of An Interview With Dwayne McDuffie

Interview conducted by Z. Julian Cenac.

As well as being a founder of Milestone Media (which saw the introduction of numerous African-American characters such as Static), Dwayne McDuffie was also a producer/writer on Justice League Unlimited and has written various titles for Marvel and DC Comics. You may also know of him as a creator/writer of the Static Shock animated series. He is currently penning the Justice League of America comic. With Milestone characters returning, but in the DC universe, it was time for an interrogation.

Comixfan: Why are the DC and Milestone universes being merged?

Dwayne McDuffie: Over at Milestone, we've been looking to get our characters back in print again for quite some time. DC was looking to expand their universe with fresh characters and situations. Dan DiDio suggested that we bring the Milestone characters back within the DCU as a way to achieve both of our goals. It took a while to put together a business and editorial structure that satisfied both sides, but we got there.

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